Instructor’s Corner: Make It a Healthy Lifestyle Holiday

The holiday’s are just around the corner, are you ready to tackle the onslaught of Christmas dinners/office parties/New Year’s events without completely giving up your healthy lifestyle? This is a question I get a lot at this time of year and here are a couple pieces of advice that many people have found useful.

Keep a healthy lifestyle holiday:

1) Keep Training!!

If you know you will be indulging a little more when it comes to food, don’t ditch your gym-going habits. This will make things a lot easier come the New Year when you decide to ‘get back on the wagon’.

2) Stay Hydrated!!

Hydration does more good than we even realize. When it comes to fat-loss or muscle gain, water is a key player. This will also help keep your energy levels up when things get crazy during the holidays (i.e. Boxing Day).

3) Practice Good Portion Habits!!

Yes, you can have a piece of pie. It probably won’t hurt you. But 10 pieces on the other hand might. Satisfy your sweet tooth with just enough and the move on with your day.

4) Move More!!

This may be the most undervalued piece of advice I give. Moving more (walking/taking stairs/parking further away/cleaning your house etc) contributes to your NEPA (non-exercise physical activity) burn during the day. The difference between sitting around and moving around all day is easily hundreds of calories.

5) Don’t Stress!!

Holidays can get pretty stressful, but remember this is a time to relax and enjoy some time with your family and friends. High stress will cause the release of a hormone called Cortisol. To counteract this, your body will crave sugary/carby/sweet foods (they don’t call them ‘comfort foods’ for no reason!!).

6) Eat Good Food the Rest of the Day!!

If you have a work party in the evening and you know you’ll be eating cake and boozing, don’t ‘throw away the rest of the day’ by eating junk for breakfast and lunch. Make sure all other meals and snacks during the day are according to your nutrition plan.

Cheers to a healthy, happy, lean and green holiday!

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