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Spirit Taekwondo Reviews and Testimonials

Edmontonians who are serious about Taekwondo love Spirit. Here Spirit Taekwondo Reviews and Testimonials.

“I found that my sons experience at Spirit Taekwondo was very positive. He has really enjoyed his time their and can’t wait to come back.” Andrea

“I found that my sons experience at Spirit Taekwondo was very positive. He has really enjoyed his time their and can’t wait to come back.” Crystal

“Our first experience with Taekwondo has been great. The instructors have been welcoming, encouraging and helpful. Our daughter is enjoying her lessons and looks forward to coming to the gym.” Penny

“I am very satisfied with what I was able to see while I was present at trainings for couple of times during my kids attendance. The most likeable thing is that there are several professional trainers working with mine and other children so my kids have a chance to work with a trainer one on one and they are having an opportunity to learn more and better.” Srdjan

“I’m so glad I chose to enroll my daughter for taekwondo. Your facility is great and the instructors are wonderful with the kids. Great experience overall!!” Suzanne

“My two sons attended the free trial class and enjoyed it thoroughly. We are planning to register them for classes and are confident that learning these skills will improve their confidence and strength.” Urooj

“I went to Spirit Taekwondo for a trial and I wish I knew Spirit Taekwondo earlier. The instructor is really nice and willing to help me. I was so lucky to have a chance to practice with Jenny-The Canada Champion. I will come back soon when I have time.” Huong

“The very first day my son was shy and didn’t participate, the 2nd day he was much more comfortable and joined the class. the way the instructors came eye level to them and said their name, giving them hi fives and encouragement was really nice. I think my son is going to like it here.” Deanne

“My daughter loves it …. great people all great with kids.” Vanda

“Great place for anyone; from small kids to adults. Very positive and friendly atmosphere, while teaching respect and discipline. The fact that a single reasonable fee allows completely flexible participation (up to 6 days/week) really shows that their priority is to teach and see their students improve and advance, as opposed to just making maximum money, like other places I’ve assessed.” Wojtek

“Very welcoming environment. Can’t wait to sign my daughter up permanently.” Dawn Marie

“It was a positive experience trying out taekwondo for the first time. I got positive feedback from other parents that were there about the instructors, skills taught and physical exercise. My goals for the kids are to first learn to be part of a group.” Corinne

“Very positive experience right from the very first phone call inquiry. Our daughter fell in love with taekwondo after a week of free class. Now she attends classes almost everyday. Master Le and all the instructors at Spirit Taekwondo is amazing. Our son is trying out a week of free class and we know he will love it! Such a happy environment for kids to learn.” K.

“As soon as we walked into Spirit Taekwondo we had a very positive feeling. Thai was genuinely kind and inclusive of my daughter’s feelings and questions about trying out the program. After a week of trial classes my daughter was hooked. She didn’t want to go anywhere else we had looked at and spoke positively about her instructors. She is so happy to have found her ‘thing’ and is proud of her new uniform. We especially love the flexibility of the classes and the ability to have the option to attend all week if we are able to. We look forward to our year at Spirit Taekwondo.” Andrea

“As soon as we walked into Spirit Taekwondo we had a very positive feeling. Thai was genuinely kind and inclusive of my daughter’s feelings and questions about trying out the program. After a week of trial classes my daughter was hooked. She didn’t want to go anywhere else we had looked at and spoke positively about her instructors. She is so happy to have found her ‘thing’ and is proud of her new uniform. We especially love the flexibility of the classes and the ability to have the option to attend all week if we are able to. We look forward to our year at Spirit Taekwondo.” Andrea

“Classes at Spirit taekwondo are fun and challenging. the instructors are passionate about Martial Arts, and do their best to make sure each student has an excellent experience. Master Le and the instructors at Spirit taekwondo have been extremely accommodating regarding my injuries, and have maintain and open mind while training me. This has made my experience here so far fantastic, and I hope to continue my training here.” Ariel

“My kids and I have loved our trial and will definitely continue. We have finally found an activity that we can do together as a family that is fun and healthy.” Tatiana

“My son is a sweet, but very challenging, 5 year old boy. He does not do very well in most social environments and requires a lot of extra support to learn the emotional, attentive, and basic social skills that other kids acquire naturally. These skills can only be learned with the help of a community, but most social/group activities that we attempt result in him sitting on the side while crying and struggling to cope with the environment. He has been warmly accepted into his taekwondo class with patience and understanding. He loves his class and asks everyday if he can go back. Kids like him are not at fault for the way their brains work, but they still tend to be treated as “bad” kids. As his parent, I can not express how much it means to our family when he is given a fair chance to be accepted and feel successful. All he wants is to be accepted and feel happy like other kids. From everything I have seen so far, I’m optimistic that he can find his place and finally be successful somewhere. I can see his instructor trying various strategies to help him succeed within the group instead of having him sit out, and I see his attention being pulled back with patience. We are very appreciative of the support he has received.” Kelsey

“Though i only participated for 2 days, i felt a true sense of community where everyone was welcoming and made me feel at home. The skills and knowledge demonstrated by the instructors and black belts proved to me that Spirit Taekwondo is a place that incubates great talent, athleticism and character. I’m sure that given more time, there will be more great things to say.” Kingston

“I really enjoyed being there. The staff make you feel very welcome and part of the family. My son who is 7 enjoyed it a lot and he is super motivated to go there because they made him feel very welcome and they also put the black birthday boy belt on him on his very first day and they sang happy birthday for him and that has helped him feel that he belongs to the group. Thank you guys, you are awesome.” Mirna

“My son loves going to his classes. He enjoys learning, and finally found something he really takes pride in. The instructors are helpful, energetic, and fun. The environment is good as well.” Yvonne

“My son really enjoys the class. He is excited to come for every practice. I like that at times each of the children is given one on one help to improve on their skills. Wonderful to see that all instructors are happy, helpful, and enjoy what they do. I hope to see my son’s improvement when it comes to focus. Thank you. :)” Dani

“Amazing staff! They go above and beyond with making my daughter feel comfortable and were next to her helping her out her first day. She absolutely loves it.” Aron

“Both my kids love it and can’t wait to go there every week. Thank you to Master Thai Le.” Hussein

“I got my kids into Spirit Taekwondo because the instructors are very friendly to the kids. Awesome staff!!” Rajinder

“We looked into a couple places before Spirit and when we came here there was no question where we were going to sign up. Extremely friendy and family like. I love how my boys and the other kids are treated with so much respect, humour and just the right amount of discipline. My kids LOVE going and I love to watch them.” Michelle

“The kids get a great workout here and the instructors explain the techniques thoroughly! Sometimes, I think it’s too busy on the floor, but I see the kids doing very well! The staff is professional and friendly! My son is enjoying very much!” Valerica

“The staff was very welcoming and I loved the friendly but yet disciplined environment. I am very happy with the flexibility that the scheduling offers. My daughter and nephew really enjoy their time at Spirit.” Vaso

“I am very pleased with Spirit and the staff that work there. They are friendly, encouraging, patient and make the children feel comfortable. My son was quite shy and it was really nice that the staff were encouraging him and being very patient with him. He finally joined in and really enjoyed it.” Fotini

“The staff made our family feel very welcomed. We are quite pleased with this company as they helped our family make taekwondo possible for our boys. Definitely a pleasant experience from the beginning.” Ashlynn

“My kids thoroughly enjoyed the class. The instruction was excellent, the atmosphere was extremely positive while being structured and focusing on listening and respect. The hands on approach the instructors take definitely added positives to the boys experience.” Chris

“Family friendly environment. Looking forward to the fall program.” Amanda

“The kids really enjoyed it! Very nice to see the kids having fun while getting exercise and learning. Will be back soon.” Lisa

“My first time doing taekwondo and it was a memorable experience. I was new to it but I was welcomed with opened arms. I learned the basics the first day and was incorporated into the class the next day. It was very physical and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m definitely looking to make a comeback.” Patrice

“My son was handled in a very sweet and yet was taught a little discipline even at our first visit. Definitely a school of Tae Kwon Do I plan to stick with.” Liesal

“My daughter enjoyed the class there she looks forward to it every time. Excellent teacher and good atmosphere.” Ilham

“My son is enjoying it a lot, he says that the teachers there are very nice and help him out when needed.” Karla

“Before i let my kids try out in spirit, i browsed every taekwondo school here in Edmonton and read their reviews. I was actually looking for an after school program but had to consider distance since my family is commuting. Then i considered what my kids think of the experience before i made the decision. The most important factor i considered is the discipline they get to motivate themselves to learn and master their craft. I can see a balanced atmosphere between strict and friendly manners of handling the students. I am hoping that these things i see will be consistent enough to bring out my kids ultimate capabilities in the field of taekwondoo and to their society of becoming a better individuals.” Joe Ann

“My daughter loves going to Spirit Taekwondo! We love the flexibility of the program and the instructors (and Jr. Instructors) are very supportive, firm and knowledgeable. Learning the basic moves and understanding how the belts, stripes and promotions work has been a little confusing as the other students are further along however the instructors make a special effort to provide some one on one help. Overall a very positive experience that our daughter is excited about!” Kim

“My feedback is very good so far. My son likes what you are teaching him… And i feel comfortable for that. Thanks alot” Mohammed

“Your school reminded me of my taekwondo experience in Lebanon. The atmosphere was fun and you guys focus in training on all the important things, so that one would get a productive workout without it being even the tiniest bit dull. I’m considering signing up but I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do in order to get my black belt again.” Bilal

“Spirit Taekwondo was an awesome place! I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I actually really enjoyed it!!” Kristina

“I found the establishment to be nice, inviting and friendly. I would recommend Spirit Taekwondo to friends and family.” Sophie

“Great place and the people are very nice. Everything is organized and clean. Would recommend it to others.” Rafah

“We wanted our son to become more active, to relieve stress and anxiety built up from the pressures of everyday life. We are sure that Taekwondo will be the best thing for our son to grow with self discipline and self esteem . We also love how family oriented it is and they way the instructors teach and help each students.” Allan

“We researched a few places in Edmonton before registering our kids with Spirit Taekwondo. Our kids absolutely loved this place, the teachers are kind, caring but at the same time know how to get the best out of each kid. I will definitely recommend Spirit Taekwondo to anyone looking to learn self defence and get fit in a fun filled family environment.” Rita

” I have been very happy with everyone at Spirit. I feel like you have been very accommodating to our situation with our son being so young yet already having some TKD experience. It seems like he is just right in between the two levels – too advanced for the little spirits, but maybe not quite ready for the children’s class. I appreciate your patience in having him in the children’s class as I know he will catch on quickly. I hope he is not holding the other kids back or becoming frustrating for the instructors. He really enjoys TKD and I hope that will continue. Everyone is very friendly and happy at Spirit and we are looking forward to becoming part of the family there.” Ginevra

“I found that your patience with both my daughter and myself to be refreshing and de-stressing. I liked how the class was set up and all the help my daughter received even though we had not yet signed her up for the program. The options of month to month, 6 month or 1 year contracts also made the experience very easy. I thank-you and look forward to you and your staff/volunteers continuing to instruct my daughter on the necessary life skills that martial arts instills in its teachings.” Natasha

“This place is exactly where I want my kid to be at. The instructors are very friendly, enthusiastic and motivated. You have to give this place a try then you will know what I mean. Awesome atmosphere!” Phuong

“The moment we walked into Spirit Tae Kwondo, we were greeted nicely by Master Lee. He was very pleasing to talk to and answered our questions. He treated us like we were old friends by introducing his wife and kids. The atmosphere is great, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, especially the little ones. The only drawback is the waiting area tends to get busy and rowdy, but I see that all the time with the other places we take our kids so its normal. I would actually recommend this place to our friends and family.” Greg

“As a customer that has two children along with myself involved in classes at Spirit Taekwondo,I will give you insight on both. I believe that Spirit has found the balance between encouragement and discipline. These attributes are found in all the classes. I have been involved in many extracurricular programs with my children and not one has been able to provide this balance. It does not matter if you are 5 or 50 years of age you are always welcomed! The classes that Spirit Taekwondo provides give the individual a wide spectrum. I have found that this gives me an opportunity to improve myself fully. It would be great if more people involved in the one type of class give the others a chance as I believe this would help them reach their goals and maximize their achievements! I have seen mental and physical changes in my children as well as myself. Respect, strength, mind control and belonging to name a few! One word comes to mind when I think of the staff at Spirit Taekwondo and that is devotion. I am proud that we are able to be part of Spirit’s family!” Linda

“My Children have been attending Spirit Taekwondo since September of 2007. They have enjoyed each and every aspect of the martial art and I get to see them grow up into individuals who value discipline and respect.” Indu

“My son now loves tkd! He goes to class as often as he can and talks about it when we are not there. The atmosphere at the gym is extremely supportive and nurturing and loads of fun! It has really turned into a second home for us. You are definitely treated like family!” Valorie

“Our son started in spirit taekwondo last January, he is very enthusiastic about it and has learned so many cool moves that he practices every day. He shows excitement every time he goes to class. Clarence Sir is very kind with the group, having at the same time the skill to control the kids. Lucas Sir is also such a great and patient instructor . The facility is appropriate; it would be great to have some hooks to hang the coats and maybe a better layout of the waiting space. We are very satisfied with Spirit Taekwondo; we hope our son continues here for many years.” Ernel

“Our experience at Spirit Taekwondo has been very good since day one. Master Le and his family are very welcoming and treat their customers like family. This attitude is also reflected in most of their staff, they also have a great attitude. At Spirit Taekwondo, I feel that they take a genuine interest in my child and his success. The only reason I didn’t give 5, is because of location (very hard to park) and the seating area is very crowded most of the time and scorching hot in the summer. I recognize that these things cannot be changed, but that is the only reason for the 4/5.” Miguel

“I do think that Tae Kwon Do has done amazing things for my son’s confidence and personal development. I don’t expect that we will be changing tae kwon do studios now or maybe even ever. I believe that the instructors contribute greatly with their knowledge and support. My son has so much respect and admiration for all his instructors and feels especially connected to specific instructors for different reasons. While each instructor has their own strengths during their one on one time with my son. It’s fun and exciting for me as his parent to sit back and watch, while he enjoys the Tae Kwon Do experience.” Nicole

“Spirit TKD has been great for our son. Sometimes we have to ‘encourage’ him to go but he always has a great, positive experience and is glad he went. Aside from releasing some 7 year old energy our son is learning some very important life skills….patience, concentration, respect and self defence. This is our first experience in such an activity therefore not having much to compare too. The instructors seem to be firm but fair. So far so great!!! We asked Jack what he thought and he said ‘more games!’ We’ll leave that to you guys…” Jason