Earn your black belt from Spirit Taekwondo

Black Belt Preparation

Challenge yourself to a martial arts rite of passage

Let Spirit Taekwondo help you prepare to take on the most physically and mentally challenging event of your life. Our black belt preparation is not a regular class, but special instruction for advanced tae kwon do participants to help them prepare for their ultimate goal – the black belt.

The expert trainers at our taekwondo club understand that being prepared can mean the difference between passing and failing – our practice sessions will help you refine your technique during mock fighting scenarios. We work with you to perfect your learned skills and help bring your body to its peak condition ready for testing.

Some benefits of coming to Spirit Taekwondo School for black belt preparation include:

  • experience training for 1st Dan Black Belt up to Taekwondo Master’s Degree;
  • regimented training program focusing on aerobic and strength conditioning;
  • expert advice on nutrition and hydration during training;
  • practice sessions that work on aspects of fighting that need the most work; and
  • open to all ages – children to adults.

Contact us today to find out the difference expert instruction makes for black belt preparation. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.