Taekwondo competition team in Edmonton

Competitive Taekwondo Team

Compete individually or in teams to showcase martial arts techniques

Are you ready to become a champion taekwondo athlete? At Spirit Taekwondo we know competition is the best way to improve your martial arts skills. Competitive tae kwon do allows martial artists to not only demonstrate their sparring, breaking, and patterns but also improve them.

Our programs encourage competitors to find their motivation and improve kicking, blocking, stepping, and footwork strategies. These improvements will lead to better attacking and counter-attacking methods and, ultimately, help to control and win the match.

Some benefits of competitive taekwondo include:
showcasing sparring strategies and learning new sparring techniques;
refining the form and accuracy of poomsae patterns;
improving power and speed in breaking competitions;
demonstrating strength and endurance; and
advancing from practice and theory to live competition.

See how you can “up your game” through a truly competitive TKD program at Spirit Taekwondo. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.