Martial Arts Sparring Club in Edmonton

Edmonton Sparring Club

Train like an Olympian at Spirit Taekwondo

At Spirit Taekwondo we believe sparring is an integral part of learning tae kwon do (TKD). We also believe there is no better way to improve your martial arts skills than by sparring with an opponent. Forcing you to think on your feet, TKD sparring helps practitioners train their reflexes, timing, footwork, and distance while improving their strategy and techniques.

Take your sparring skills to a whole new level at Spirit Taekwondo. Our competitive sparring classes will teach you to use your martial arts skills with extra power, more speed, and quicker reaction times.

There are many benefits of coming to spar at Spirit Taekwondo including:

  • feeling the adrenaline of sparring;
  • improving your power, speed, and techniques;
  • getting ready for tournaments;
  • preparing for self-defence situations; and
  • increasing confidence and overall abilities.

Contact us today to find out more about sparring classes at Spirit Taekwondo.  Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.