Martial Arts for children

Pee Wee Taekwondo – Ages 4-6

Children’s martial arts program has fun activities for wee ones

At Spirit Taekwondo we believe children as young as four years of age are ready to begin learning a martial art. Our expert instructors know how to work with young children keeping them on-task and motivated to learn more. Your child’s newly acquired skills will foster a sense of self-confidence and independence.

We offer classes for both beginner and advanced pee wee kids aged 4-6. Beginner pee wee kids attend one or two classes per week and advanced pee wee kids attend one pee wee class and one beginner class per week.

Some of the benefits your child will get from participating in our pee wee tae kwon do program include:

  • improved coordination;
  • developed focus and discipline;
  • advanced learning environment;
  • enhanced physical skills; and
  • increased fun.

Call Spirit Taekwondo today to learn more about our martial arts programs for kids. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.