Tae kwon do for teens and juniors

Taekwondo for Juniors – Ages 12-15

Taekwondo a positive force in teens’ lives

Whether your teen is a novice martial artist or an ingénue, Spirit Taekwondo has classes for everyone. The junior classes are designed to help the beginner learn their tae kwon do techniques while testing the limits of the advanced student.

There is a reason that martial arts programs for kids are becoming increasingly popular – they positively affect all aspects of youths’ lives. Tae Kwon Do successfully combines sport and exercise with mental discipline and self-defence leading to improved physical fitness and better mental focus.

Here are some benefits your teen will see from participating in our TKD classes:

  • improve overall fitness levels;
  • learn self-defence skills;
  • develop self-confidence through awareness, eye contact, and proper posture;
  • receive expert instruction from patient and enthusiastic instructors; and
  • feel invigorated and energetic after workouts.

Call Spirit Taekwondo today to learn how your martial artist can benefit your child. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.