Taekwondo for all ages

Family Taekwondo – All Ages

The family that kicks together sticks together

Looking for a fun and family-friendly activity you can all do together? Then look no further than Spirit Taekwondo. From white belt to black belt, our tae kwon do classes are perfect for all family members. The format of our TKD classes changes every week – some classes will be separated by ages and belt levels, while other classes will have all ages and belts training together.

For both adults and kids, the goal of our martial arts classes is to provide you with an enjoyable activity you can do together and will stick with. Let Spirit Taekwondo be the highlight of your family’s week.

Here are some benefits your family will see from participating in our TKD classes:

  • combining fun and fitness in a family activity;
  • sharing values like discipline and respect;
  • learning new self-defence skills;
  • benefiting from expert martial arts instruction; and
  • experiencing something the whole family can participate in together.

Call Spirit Taekwondo today to get your family kicking together. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.