Advanced tae kwon do for kids

Advanced Taekwondo for Children

Children’s martial arts programs improve techniques for the expert martial artist

Children with a tae kwon do green belt or higher can benefit from our advanced TKD classes at Spirit Tae Kwon Do. Our expert martial arts instructors will work with your child to develop their skills and achieve the next belt – even working toward a junior black belt.

We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of kids who progress in taekwondo – they experience self-improvement in almost every area of their lives. They are better able to concentrate, they demonstrate self-control, and they learn the lifelong values of respect and courtesy.

Here are some benefits you will see from having your child in our advanced TKD classes:

  • successful belt advancement;
  • expert instruction;
  • improved self-defence and sparring skills;
  • ability to teach and learn by practicing on beginner students; and
  • greater sense of accomplishment.

Call Spirit Taekwondo today to learn how your martial artist can progress in Tae Kwon Do. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.