Tae kwon do for adults in Edmonton

Taekwondo for Adults

The time to start improving your life is now

At Spirit Taekwondo we believe people are never too old to begin improving their lives. Learning how to do taekwondo is a perfect way to begin that quest. No matter what your age, fitness level, or martial arts experience, we have the class for you. Our expert instructors personalize their tae kwon do lessons for every adult student to ensure they are comfortable and progressing at their own rate.

Whether your ultimate goal is weight loss, exercise, self-defense, or the thrill of learning advanced tae kwon do, Spirit Taekwondo can help you reach that goal. Our taekwondo club will kick start your workout and your life.

Here are some benefits you will see from participating in our TKD classes:

  • challenge of learning a new skill;
  • chance to learn self-defence skills;
  • opportunity to improve your fitness level;
  • way to reduce stress and tension; and
  • ability to improve confidence and self-esteem.

Call Spirit Taekwondo today to find an adult taekwondo class for you. Download the coupon on this page to try our classes for free.