Re-invent Yourself Daily

Life unfolds. Each and every day we awake to an opportunity for re-invention. The wonder of the whole adventure is that we get to do a “re-take” on who we are, each and every day. We are not our past; the past is simply a name for the series of paths and choices we made to arrive here in the present. We ARE exactly who we continue to CHOOSE to be.

A lot of people leap at the chance to make new years resolutions; this represents a chance to ‘start over’; a chance to re-define who they are and how they act in the world. To that, I ask this – WHY WAIT?

The truth is that you have the opportunity to re-invent yourself daily. January 1st is certainly a convenient and symbolic chance to ‘start over’ – but every day, in a myriad of ways, we are being re-born. New thoughts pop up; new cells are produced, new experiences re-define who we are. On New Years Day – sure, make a strong start, but each and every day afterward, know that we are re-defining ourselves, even as we sleep.

Warmest regards,
Master Thai N. Le

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