New Team Jackets

This is our new team jacket design. We will be taking preorders and sample sizes will be available in September. Children’s, men’s and women’s cut available. The printing on the jacket is sublimated not screened, which means the design is imprinted right into the fabric so there is no wear and tear on the print. For taller/shorter people sleeve and/or body length can be adjusted +/- 2 inches at no charge. Anything more there will be a surcharge.

Price for the ...

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Back-to-school tips to keep students safe

Parents of Primary Students:

  • Find a safe route to and from school and practice it with your children.
  • Join an existing Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train, or start up your own with other parents in your neighborhood.
  • Identify safe places along the route, such as a friend’s house, where your children can go if they encounter trouble.
  • Discuss how to safely interact with strangers
  • Ensure your children understand traffic safety, such as how to cross the street, board the school bus and what to ...
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